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Thursday, July 18, 2019


Staff Editorial: A look back on Spring 2007

Another semester comes to an end. For graduating seniors, there’s no turning back. It’s time to step out into the professional world and begin a new chapter in the journey of life. For those continuing their education at this fine University, just look at all we’ve accomplished this semester and what’s to come.

As the semester wraps up, we look ahead at the changes taking place at our beloved University. UH President and UH System Chancellor Jay Gogue is leaving us for Auburn University, where he will no doubt accomplish many great things just as he did here. And now a search begins to find another competent leader willing to make this University even better than before.

Plans continue to be made to bring the vision of Gogue’s master plan to life. Buildings across campus are constantly being renovated. Administrators, faculty, staff and students are exchanging ideas on how to improve the University’s image, on how to bring more students who are willing and eager to learn to our campus.

The school has recently switched to PeopleSoft, a tool to help students register for classes, check their grades, keep track of financial aid and more. Whether you like the new system or not is your choice, but it’s here to stay.

So many things have happened this semester, pushing UH toward a promising future, but you can’t have the good without the bad.

The shootings at Virginia Tech teach us that we can’t always be prepared for the worst. We have to work together to keep our campus safe.

The death of one of our own students at Cullen Oaks teaches us that we need to reach out to people, get to know one another. We need to work together to make this campus the best it can be.

As another semester ends, another one begins. Let’s continue to accomplish great things that make this University one of the best in the state. Let’s continue to work together and let our Cougar pride shine through.

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