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Thursday, September 21, 2023


Letters to the editor

‘Truer nature’ of football will prevail

I would like to take the time to personally apologize for the problems at UH football games that merited Jim McCormick’s complaints in (Wednesday’s) column "Students not wanted in Robertson Stadium" (Opinion).

I know that he is not among the voluminous throngs of fans who may have been swayed into attending games by the on-the-field excellence displayed last year. No sir, because McCormick understands the deeper and truer nature of football.†

I know that McCormick must not have succumbed to the temptation to storm the field after decisive wins over Oklahoma State and Southern Miss. After all, the sun was going down in the West, making him unable to see the action.

So to McCormick and various others, let me make this promise to you – we will get you those air conditioned suites on the west side of Robertson Stadium, right along the 50 yard line, just like you deserve. Those three-dollar soft drinks†are now only going to be fifty cents, and the seven-dollar beers will instead rain from the sprinkler system for free. I know that the huge new jumbotron in the south end zone may distract you from your enjoyment of the game, so we will turn it off unless you give us the signal to activate it.

We hope that the new changes will please you and get you to revoke your demands that the students not attend any football games. Of course, some rebellious students may decide to attend games anyway, despite your call for a boycott, but undoubtedly, these students are just ill-informed about the severity of the complaints you have highlighted.

†Craig Stewart anthropology senior

Alcohol availability, free tickets outweigh cons of football games

I’m writing in response to Jim McCormick’s piece "Students not wanted in Robertson Stadium." He complains about the cost and taste of beer, but ignores the fact that most college stadiums don’t even serve beer. I’d rather have expensive, tasteless beer than no beer at all.†

And how many students actually purchase beer in the stadium?†Isn’t that what tailgating is for? Hit the liver before you ever walk in. As a UH student, I’ve attended road games at Rice, Southern Methodist University and Tulane University as well as two bowl games. Concession prices at Robertson Stadium are on par with those at other stadiums.

And now to the biggest laughter:†so we students have to sit in the corner facing the sun, huh?†How much do we pay for those seats?†Going to retort with the ol’ student fee line, I bet.

Well, other universities across the country charge student fees to help fund athletics, and their students still pay for tickets – a lot for tickets. Some universities have ticket lotteries, where you pay and may not even get a ticket.

Maybe we should move the paying season ticket holders who donate thousands of dollars over to those seats? That makes sense.

The NCAA also has a rule that prohibits student sections from being behind team benches.

So if you don’t like the corner or end zone, and since the NCAA prevents the student section from being on the sideline, where does that leave us? I’ll tell you where. It leaves us exactly where we are – enjoying free tickets to watch the defending C-USA champions.

Drink beforehand, grab some shades and see a chiropractor for your neck.

David Raffetto English graduate student

Alumnus: be grateful for free tickets

I read with amusement the opinion column written by Jim McCormick concerning the lack of "love" he feels from the Athletic Department. He complains that the seats in the stadium where he sits subject him to a potential sunburn from afternoon games and a sore neck from having to turn his head to watch the action.

Funny, those were the first seats I could afford to buy in Robertson. I still remember the wonderful seats we were afforded as students back in the Rice Stadium and Astrodome days. In Rice Stadium, if attendance was poor, we received good second-level seats and end zone seats if the crowd was large.

Oh, and did I mention we had to pay for those tickets? It is my understanding that those tickets are now free to students. I never complained about where our seats were; I enjoyed being able to watch top-notch football at an affordable price.

The price of beer is high, no doubt about it; however, very few college stadiums offer adult beverages to the general public. I guess if McCormick attended the University of Nebraska, he would complain about sitting in the sun, hurting his neck and the lack of beer in the stadium.

Come on McCormick – boycotting football games by the students because of high beer prices, sore necks and sunburn? That’s not a fan. Do not call yourself a Cougar if you wish to pursue rallying students to your boycotting cause, because a Cougar would never do that.

Christopher F. Vaughan 1979 alumnus

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