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Thursday, September 21, 2023


Likes ‘ dislikes

With the second week almost to an end, new and returning students are praising the University for its many activities, food options and diversity that it offers.

For instance, political science senior Oshini Dasgupta’s favorite UH campus service is the Campus Recreation and Wellness Center.

"The Rec Center is always clean and very professionally maintained," Dasgupta said.

The Recreation and Wellness Center, which opened in spring 2003, provides facilities for indoor sports such as basketball, volleyball, badminton and squash. It also houses an indoor track, a full gym, a rock wall and a leisure pool.

The Recreation Center received more than 350,000 visits during the 2006 academic year – about 43 percent of the student population at that time, according to statistics from the Department of Marketing and Membership at the Recreation Center.

And in spring 2006, the number of visits jumped to 12,178 per week from 9,171.

Dasputa also said he appreciated the efforts of the custodial and ground workers.

"We take the janitorial staff for granted, but they do a phenomenal job in keeping the areas neat and clean for the students," he said. "This is my tribute to all the janitors at UH: Your work will not go unnoticed. I salute you."

For others, what they enjoy most about UH are the dining options – specifically Subway for its vegetarian-friendly meals.

"Subway is a great place for Muslims on campus," mathematics senior Mustafa Sajanlal said. "There are no halal places for us, so the veggie patty is perfect."

Another Subway location is also in the Law Center, but students said having a spot in the University Center is better.

"As a vegetarian, there aren’t many eating options for me around campus," global management sophomore Monika Varma said.

Subway’s UC location opened during the spring semester and is among the 23 dining places on campus.

"Subway makes it easy because they offer a veggie patty that not many other places have," Varma said.

Although many people might not appreciate UH’s commuter-campus lifestyle, chemical engineering freshman Atif Haider said that’s what he likes the most.

"I like being able to come here, go to class, do my work and go back home," he said. "I like managing my own schedule."

In fall 2006, 75 percent of freshman commuted to campus while 93 percent of all undergraduates either lived off campus or commuted, according to the Office of Institutional Research.

Business administration freshman Anabel Roblas said that she’s enjoying her initial campus experience – especially the flexibility.

"You just have more time. Classes are shorter, and you can take an hour break between classes if you want to," she said. "You can also wear whatever you want. I once got detention in high school because my belly was showing."

Business sophomore Zainab al Hassan said he likes what UH is most known for – its diversity.

"I love it here because you never feel alone," Hassan said. "You get to meet people from all races, religions and backgrounds. There are so many cultural student groups, and they always have activities that anyone can participate in."

According to statistics from the OIR, of the 27,400 students enrolled at UH in the Fall of 2006, 36.1 percent were White, 14.8 percent were Black, 22 percent were Hispanic, 21.2 percent were Asian and 6 percent were of either Native American or other international descent.

UH ranks second in U.S. World and News Report’s 2008 listing of most diverse schools, with Rutgers State rounding out the top of the list.

Additional reporting by Eric Llobet, Chandani Mahant, Bayan Raji and Anny Sivilay.

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