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Saturday, September 23, 2023


Report Card: This is only time where Iraq and belligerent ducks are in the same sentence

President Bush’s speech: Incomplete

President Bush addressed the nation Thursday saying American successes in Iraq will translate to the beginning of bringing troops back home. The president pledged to bring back 5,700 by Christmas time.

In January, though, Bush ordered nearly additional 30,000 troops.

The president’s proposed troop removal is a drop in the bucket.

Earlier this week, top U.S. commander in Iraq, Gen. David Petraeus, said the additional 30,000 troops have met their goals of reducing sectarian violence. Petraeus was confident that troop reduction in Iraq wouldn’t weaken any previous gains made.

Whatever reductions are made in Iraq, the problem of an ever-worsening and unpopular war will be a headache for everyone to deal with, especially the next president in line.

Oregon’s duck mascot: F

By now everyone has seen the infamous video clip of the University of Oregon’s mascot beating and violating Shasta in front of a crowd. The video began circulating on YouTube and was on the front page of and on Thursday night. The duck became offended when Shasta started doing the duck’s alleged signature move:†push-ups.

A push-up isn’t a signature move; it’s a warm-up exercise for elementary school children.

The worst part of the video is the humor it instills. It’s disturbing to watch someone in a duck outfit harassing and kicking your school’s mascot, but then again, it is a scrimmage between two mascots.

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