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Thursday, September 21, 2023


Petition for a ‘women’s only’ swim hour

The Student Government Association is working on a petition for University Recreational Services to allow UH females access to the pool in extra hours set apart for them. To be able to enjoy the waters without the presence of curious eyes is a wonderful idea. The ruling committees around campus should allow this request to go through. It would be nice to actually use the facilities included in our tuition fees.

I have entered the highly coveted Campus Recreation and Wellness Center once since I have been at UH, and that was only because of curiosity. Yes, I have various friends that are everyday pilgrims to the Rec Center, as they are committed to their daily rituals of 45-minute workout sessions.

We all know the vitality of staying physically fit and exercise just as we are aware of the health damages that smoking inflicts. Ohio State University conducted a study concerning university students and exercise. They state that about 52 percent of the population does not regulate their exercise patterns deeming them unqualified to be fit. Another of their findings is that men are better able to adapt to the support groups that aid students in conforming to habitual exercise.

This same concept is problematic for women to adhere to because of lesser social support factors. Some women are shy, others love the sport of swimming but are timid around the buff men that swarm the Rec Center, and others just may not be comfortable with their bodies. Peaceful laps a round the pool a few hours a week would do wonders for many women, who for the sole reason of privacy, have not enjoyed the sport in a long time. The opportunity will hopefully inspire females to be more physically active without having to sacrifice their love for solitude.

Last that I was informed, this is a free country and we are free to express opinions, demand changes and petition for whatever we see fit to bring about a change. If colleges and universities have taught us this methodology time and time again in their books and lectures, then I believe it fit for them to advocate this belief too.

It is not the concept of free rights that one would consider vital in this issue, it is the concept of the university as being our home. If I wanted to change the wall color of my bedroom, I do not think any other members would object to the idea. Thus, if UH is our home then I believe that if we require certain things to benefit us, we should have the right to ask. That is exactly what the SGA is doing, and I applaud their hard work and dedication to the students of UH. I also congratulate the heads of the committee that started this petition to go through in the name of females on campus.

Nagra, a psychologist senior, can be reached via [email protected]

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