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Thursday, September 28, 2023


Letter to the editor: Article creates ambiguities with improper English usage

I was saddened and outraged to see so many crimes against logic and the English language being perpetrated in one short article published in The Daily Cougar. Consider, for instance, the following three sentences in the article "Physicist discusses Einstein’s activism" by Tim Burggraf (News, Monday).

"Known primarily as the father of the theory of relativity for his numerous contributions to science… "

This sentence is ridiculous. Einstein is known "as the father of the theory of relativity" because he fathered the theory of relativity, not for any other contribution to science.

"Gates’ speech Friday focused on Einstein’s lesser-known political and social activities in the 1930s as part of the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics lecture series."

This sentence is amusingly misleading. It implies that Einstein’s social activities in the 1930s took place at the University of Houston as part of a lecture series. Einstein never even visited Houston, let alone presented a series of lectures.

"Einstein maybe was the greatest hero in the America."

What is this? An attempt to parody Miss Teen South Carolina? I attended the lecture, and I can vow to the fact that professor Gates is neither inarticulate nor suffers from a speech impediment.

Dan Graur, John and Rebecca Moores Professor at the Department of Biology and Biochemistry

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