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Saturday, September 30, 2023


Fighting Words

If South Florida finishes the season undefeated, does it deserve to play in the Bowl Championship Series title game?

So-Flo: At midnight, the ball turns into a pumpkin by Scott Gonzales

Not a chance. If Ohio State, South Florida and Boston College remain undefeated for the remainder of the season, the Bulls are most likely to get the boot out of the title game.

If Kansas stays undefeated, I think they have a better chance to hold up the crystal egg than So-Flo. Kansas has a tougher schedule through a tougher division in the Big 12, whereas South Florida has Cincinnati as their toughest opponent.

While it’s nice to dream that one of these Cinderella teams will make it to the big game, It’s just not going to happen. Ohio State will play Boston College in New Orleans, with 2007-2008 Heisman Trophy winner Matt Ryan leading the Eagles over the Buckeyes.

Grade: C-

It’s not the size of the dog in the fight Christopher Morrison

Yes. Where’s the love for the Bulls, Scott? If South Florida finishes this season undefeated, it means they would have beaten three ranked teams in Auburn, West Virginia and Cincy, which is more than Ohio State and BC would have done.

BC hasn’t played a team that is currently ranked all year, and has only Virginia Tech and bubble team Clemson left on the schedule. Ohio State hasn’t played a ranked team either and has only No. 24 Michigan left to play.

After a season in which USC, Oklahoma and LSU have all suffered losses, it’s only fitting that a team that wasn’t even ranked going into this season would make it to the BCS title game in 2008.

After overrated teams like Ohio State and BC lose before the season is up, look for South Florida to take a numero uno ranking into "The Big Easy" against LSU or Oklahoma.

Grade: C

Remember, he was once an editor

Ronnie Turner

If South Florida finishes the season undefeated, it deserves a spot in the BCS national championship game. No "ifs," "ands," or "buts" needed.

By the way Christopher, check your facts more carefully next time. Ohio State has played a ranked team this season. Remember the Buckeyes’ 23-7 win over Purdue on Oct. 6? Purdue was No. 23 coming into that game.

Scott, you’re nuts if you think Kansas would get the nod over South Florida if both teams finish the season undefeated. Kansas may have the tougher conference schedule, but it loses points with a weak non-conference slate that included Central Michigan, Southeastern Louisiana, Toledo, and Florida International.

South Florida is a BCS conference squad, and will face a championship-caliber team if

it reaches a BCS bowl.

Grade: A

<nest nacled/ Baked goods and football don't match Judge Dredd

Judge Dredd is so disappointed that Scott would bring that weak mess to Fighting Words.

Kansas? Are you freaking serious? We’re not talking hoops here. Not only did the Jayhawks football team schedule cupcakes for its non-conference schedule, it played its first five games of the season at home against those cupcakes. That’s not BCS material.

If USF, on the other hand goes undefeated, the out of conference schedule they’ve played would merit them a spot in the BCS title game, as Chris and Ronnie pointed out. And the fact that they play in the Big East does give them an actual shot at the title game.

Judge Dredd will use his remaining sp

The winner: Ronnie, because he called Chris out on the Buckeye blunder.

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