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Friday, September 22, 2023


Staff Editorial: Report card realizes government is good for inspiration, fear and laughs

The SGA’s community projects: A

The Student Government Association’s partnership with the Metropolitan Volunteer Program to clean up the campus’ surrounding streets is a laudable step in the right direction.

While the event, called Community Uproar: Rock the Block, will preface UH Homecoming events, it’s this type of initiative that should make us all proud to be Cougars.

A further proposal to transform the abandoned pool near the residence halls into a recycling center is also a welcome idea. While it remains to be seen if transformation of the eyesore is even feasible, it is nonetheless a positive and forward-thinking approach to campus revitalization.

Nuclear fallout: A

The Air Force intends to fire five officers in regards to an August incident involving the accidental transportation of nuclear weapons, and rightfully so.

After a series of shortfalls in a well-established security system, multiple nuclear warheads were accidentally flown across the U.S., unbeknownst to anyone in the military.

The level of negligence in the case is nothing short of astounding. How so many safeguards simultaneously failed to allow for such an unprecedented security shortfall is terrifying, and the knuckleheads responsible shouldn’t be allowed to remain in the service.

Stephen Colbert’s presidential aspirations: Incomplete

The jury may remain out on this for a while, but comedian Stephen Colbert’s multi-party presidential bid might turn out to be something more than tongue-in-cheek.

This certainly wouldn’t be the first time a less-than-serious candidate has run for office – many will recall the numerous gubernatorial candidates who came to the forefront as contenders for California’s replacement to Gray Davis, and some might even notice that a guy calling himself Josey "Outlaw" Wales IV is running against Bill White.

The American political dialogue is an ever-evolving beast, and it’s good to remember that sometimes it can be fun, too.

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