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Friday, September 29, 2023


Comedian provides different insight

Marriage is often a controversial issue in the Muslim community because parents have different traditions and expectations than their children, Muslim comedian Baba Ali said Saturday during a UH visit.

"If parents saw what really goes on at school, they would be a lot more lenient," Baba Ali said.

Ali joked and said making parents understand is similar to creating Halal, which is permitted by Islam, because children cannot just expect it – otherwise it’ll be inedible like haram, which is not acceptable.

Foreign-born parents do not have the same perception of marriage as their children who grew up in the United States, he said.

Ali said Muslim parents should not force their children to marry someone of their own nationality because the population of the United States is much more diverse than their native countries.

The most important action for Muslims to take is to separate their national culture – Iranian, Pakistani or Arab – from the religion.

"We need to really understand our religion," Ali said. "Our situation will continue to get worse until we practice Islam the way the Prophet practiced it."

Ali has been posting his comedic videos online for more than a year. He said these sketches started as a way to vent his frustrations but have snowballed into phenomenon that appeals to many Muslims.

More than 1 million people have viewed his video blogs, he said.

His videos, which feature his comedic views on Muslim traditions, include such topics as Muslim weddings and dating called "$25,000 Muslim Weddings" and "Spouse Online."

"Most of us are in our 20s when we get married – barely getting out of school, just starting our careers and paying off college expenses," he said in his blog. "And you want us to jump into a $25,000 hole? How about that for a marriage gift?"

He goes on to receive a letter that says "Congratulations, you are in debt for $25,000. Thank you." His response is yelling "joke" in the camera.

Ali continues to analyze what options Muslims have to avoid debt, get married and have children.

Ali said before his sketch Saturday that he doesn’t think his comments are enlightening or out of the ordinary.

"My life normally is pretty funny," he said. "If you meet me in person, you’ll see that’s my character. I don’t think of myself as a comedian."

Ali is expected to participate in his first tour, visiting six cities in the United Kingdom. For more information or to view his blogs, visit

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