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Sunday, October 1, 2023


Our leaders need to step up to the plate

Our world today is facing many disasters, each one more pressing than the other. And the list is limitless: They range from the Kashmir dilemma, the North and South Korean power struggle, the beggars of Somalia to the limbless of Iraq, hunger pangs of the Indians and the ever-growing risk of a nuclear war. The how, what, where, when and who will solve these problems are the real questions that everyone should ask themselves.

I believe, however, that our leaders do not have the answers to these concerns.

They are too busy running after power, fame and fortune. No one pays attention to the poor, naked, homeless folks swarming the streets like insects. Their afternoon tea parties, Sunday morning salon appointments and Prada handbags are much more significant than a human being’s life – or so it seems.

They merely glance over the "after effects" or the "side effects" lists while pondering their next political moves, like playing chess. The "casualty lists" on the other hand always reach the trashcan safely, without a glance. Another tree wasted for creating paper never to be looked at. What pure cruelty.

The ignorant leaders are illiterate. Having doctorate degrees with no hearts does not make a person an educated human being. No one has a right to make decisions to kill millions without being one of the millions to be sacrificed.

The people, however, have the answers. Listen to us, and we can show you the way. Talk to us, and we are good listeners too. Meet us, and maybe you will be able to glimpse the terror and hope in our ever-searching eyes. We need you like a newborn needs his mother. Surrogate love always harbors hatred.

To the leaders of our societies: Step out of your cozy atmospheres. I know that you are engrossed in making the world a better place to be successful, but what about making it a safer place?

We love you and thank you wholeheartedly for doing so much. But you know that you are able to do so much more. You do know that in your heart, it is the political career that you are concerned about. You will be able to rest in peace after you know that you saved a million lives, saved mothers who shelter their children, saved fathers who will laugh at their baby’s mistakes, saved families to cherish each other and saved friends to be there for each other.

Every night’s sleep should be as peaceful as a child’s, because no matter what every other soul says, an inner voice tells you that you did a great deed. Without this serenity, there is no other way the demands of the world can be met by our so-called beloved leaders.

Nagra, a psychology senior, can be reached via [email protected].

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