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Sunday, October 1, 2023


Staff editorial: Report card fails animal testing

No smoke for you!

As the wheel of time continues to revolve into the new calendar year, the latest legal measures introduced to prohibit public smoking have provoked contention among smokers. Illinois, France, Germany and Portugal are the latest to pass the "no smoking" law which restricts smoking inside public places such as bars, clubs and cafes.

Of course, the obviation of public smoking is a relief for non-smokers, but for those addicts who find it necessary to light one up with their coffee or beer, they will have difficulties adhering to the new law. In the U.S., more than 20 states have passed similar laws (including Texas), and in Europe a little over 15 countries have followed the ban of smoking in enclosed spaces.

Why would someone want to be in Chicago’s cold weather (imagine icicles in nose hairs) just to smoke a cigarette? And if you’re in New York City where most bars don’t have outdoor patios and you cannot take your drink outside, there is no logical explanation to wanting to suffer in the cold if you cannot smoke and drink simultaneously. And since Europeans smoke significantly more than Americans, you can imagine there will be prevailing displeasure throughout France and Germany.

But if one chooses to be unhealthful then let them. It is a mere hypocrisy to insist on one regulation while ignoring other luxuriates that can be just as harmful to society, such as alcohol, which also causes disease and death

Detesting animal testing

By February, U.S. medical schools will ban operating on dogs to examine their beating hearts. Once the animals are operated on and killed (or sacrificed as professors say), their carcasses are disposed.

Among the 126 American medical schools, 11 still use animals for teaching purposes, The New York Times reported. New York’s Case Western Reserve School of Medicine was the last to use this cruel method, but will cease the practice come next month.

We live in a realm with increasing technological devices that can do wonders; it seems almost archaic (not to mention inhumane) to have to sacrifice animals for students to understand the theory of medicine. While scientists and doctors claim animal testing is inherent for research, it should not justify killing a breathing animal.

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