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Saturday, September 30, 2023


UHPD charges suspect with child indecency

The UH Police Department detained a 30-year-old male on Saturday, charging him with indecency with a child.

David Mona was charged with a second-degree felony following an incident outside Robertson Stadium during an Interliga soccer match, UHPD Capt. Brad Wigtil said.

"The District Attorney’s office did accept the charges of indeceny with a child," Wigtil said. "That offense is a second-degree felony – a very serious offense."

Wigtil said that a UH Department of Public Safety trooper noticed the mother of the complainant arguing with the suspect. Both parties were brought to UHPD offices where it was determined that "inappropriate touching" had occurred, Wigtil said.

He also said that because the offense was reported soon after the incident police were able to apprehend the suspect.

"This is a good example of how that quick report to law enforcement allowed us to make the arrest and bring this person to justice," Wigtil said.

Earlier on Saturday, a man was brought into UHPD custody and charged with robbery, Wigtil said.

Around the 3600 block of Scott Street, Darrell Woods attacked a man who got off at the same Metro bus stop. Woods punched the complainant several times, Wigtil said, and then tried to grab a satchel the older man was carrying.

Wigtil said that bystander Chris Bonney witnessed the attack from the bus and tackled the suspect after ordering the driver to stop the bus. Bonney then escorted both the complainant and the suspect to the UHPD station.

Woods has been charged with robbery.

Bonney went out of his way to help the complainant, but he could have easily been injured in his rescue, Wigtil said.

"I would not recommend for anybody to do that," Wigtil said. "But I just think he felt compelled to come to the assistance of this person."

He also said that he would like community members to help keep the area safe by contacting the police if they notice any suspicious activity.

"(I) just encourage people to get involved and call the police when they see these things," Wigtil said.

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