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Tuesday, October 3, 2023


Album Review: Lemuria learns from elders

You probably haven’t heard of Lemuria, so take the time to listen to your next favorite band.

The Buffalo, N.Y. trio grew up on a healthy diet of Dinosaur Jr., The Lemonheads and Superchunk. The band’s earlier work, which included a slew of seven inches for indie label Art of the Underground and split albums with The Ergs! and Kind of like Spitting, sounded like the bastard children of Jawbreaker.

Their previous recordings were full of roaring pop-punk melodies with sincere lyrics that felt like they were being recited by your childhood best friend

Get Better is the band’s first proper full-length and is being released by Asian Man Records, the same label that launched the careers of punk-rock staples The Lawrence Arms and Alkaline Trio. The band chose to record 12 new tracks for the album, questionably leaving off songs such as "Hours," "Sophomore" and "Home for the Holidays" from past EPs- tracks that would have perfectly introduced listeners to the band’s sound.

"Pants" is the first track, and shows the band’s maturing sound, as the song is a mid-tempo rocker that builds until the song’s final chorus. Lemuria sticks with the straight indie-rock formula on tracks such as "Lipstick," "Buzz" and "Hawaiian shirt," while songs "Dogs," "Fingers" and "Mechanical" have that upbeat, pop sound that the band has been playing on countless tours.

"Yesterday’s Lunch" stands out the most, as it features vocals from guitarist Sheena Ozzella and bassist Jason Draper. The song is constructed with a simple three-chord verse and a chorus packed with pure pop, coming from the vocals of Ozzella.

Ozzella handles the majority of the vocals on Get Better, as her unique voice sets the band apart from the hordes of others that play the same style of music. Ozzella comes across as the cute and shy girl-next-door type and almost as an accidental front woman who doesn’t want the spotlight. However, all members of the three-piece are integral parts of the songwriting, and the spotlight should be shining on them soon.

"Get Some Sleep" is a song that showcases Lemuria as the band that can revive the style from the Vagrant Records-era of music that was defined by bands like Saves the Day and The Get Up Kids. Major labels and larger independents should take a long look – and listen – at Lemuria.

With Get Better, that is exactly what Lemuria did.

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