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Wednesday, October 4, 2023


Band keeps it peachy

If Dolf Zillman’s mood-management theory is still being disputed, at least on Wikipedia, the answer might be found Saturday night at Java Jazz Coffeehouse. This weekend fans and fans-to-be of Arizona duo Peachcake better be dressed to impress while they get ready to manage some moods.

Vocalist Stefan Pruett and electronic programmer/musician John O’Keefe are inviting anyone who is ready to party to come down and see their act at 9 p.m., and the show is sure to be something else.

Peachcake is known for its high-energy sets and friendly temperament, inspiring listeners to let their guards down and have a great time.

"We like to refer to it as ‘The Party Zone;" Pruett said.

Rumor has it that some shows have included costumes, confetti and duck-duck-goose. But when asked what he might have up his sleeve for Houstonians, Pruett played it a little coy.

"On that note, I like to keep things a bit low-key," he said. "No one wants a spectacle to be spoiled."

With more than 30,000 MySpace fans anticipating its summer album release, What Year Will You Have the World, and a history of playing alongside spectacular acts including Beck, Autolux, Ambulance LTD, Explosions in the Sky and Interpol, this band is not one to shy away from its audience. Peachcake is going to take the stage by storm and spread some love to the people.

The spirited, upbeat, silly and downright fun and entertaining sounds of Peachcake have been compared to the old-school sounds of Depeche Mode and Devo, as well as the more recent and spectacularly poppy sounds of The Postal Service. That could be a huge weight to carry if Pruett and O’Keefe weren’t up for the challenge.

But as a band whose members proudly claim to challenge and stimulate its audience, the members themselves are equally equipped to meet the bar, as well as raise it to the next level.

As for the EP We Should Have Never Released This, it delivers an action-packed set that is sure to get anyone’s spirits up and get the masses out on the dance floor, whether at a club, or albeit, even a living room.

"Tell LCD Soundsystem the news: Peachcake are going to take over the world," The Jersey Beat once raved, and this is not a threat. This is serious business.

For more information on Peachcake, visit

Tickets to the show, which will also feature Foxy Shazam, Karate High School, Unlikely Heroes and more, are $10 to $12 and can be purchased online at

"The bottom line is, we’re throwing a party to save the world," Pruett said.

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