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Tuesday, September 26, 2023


Letters to the editor

Parking facts missing from article

To the editor: I wish to share a few more facts that were omitted from the article "Parking fees baffle drivers" (Thursday, News). While the article states the UH Department of Public Safety Web site reported incorrect fees, it fails to mention that the authoritative Web site for this information is the Parking ‘ Transportation Services Web site.

The parking Web site,, has listed the correct fees since the change occurred last year. This site address is also printed two times on the back of the citation and another two times on the side of the citation envelope.

Also omitted is the fact that the 2007 brochure contains the correct fees and that all mailed permits for the current academic year included the 2007 brochure. The 2006 brochures do not reflect the correct fees because they are outdated, as is the 2006 football schedule printed next to it.

The fact that the correct fee is listed two times on the citation was not mentioned. I am unsure why these important facts were omitted and ask that The Daily Cougar do a better job of representing both sides in future articles.
Fidel G. Ramirez?
Assistant director, Parking ‘ Transportation Services?

Taxation not comparable to Hitler’s actions

To the editor: In Blake Gilson’s column, "Majority rule can lead to wrongs," (Monday, Opinion), he compares taxes levied by a democratic government to forced religious conversion and Nazi Germany. He also classifies the levier of taxes as a criminal, declaring that taxation is a "deplorable act of aggression."

Thus, the University of Houston, by his theory, is funded in large part by criminal extortion, theft and oppression. All students and faculty here are, by this reasoning, complicit in oppression comparable to that inflicted by Adolf Hitler.

I look forward to another column, funded by either Gilson’s own funds or a collection, in which he informs us about his transfer to a private institution and tells us how we may most easily join him so that we may cease oppressing and robbing our fellow Texans.
Tom Pile, History senior

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