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Monday, July 22, 2019


Race, gender irrelevant in election

It’s no secret that a majority of Texans usually vote Republican and are very conservative. To have a female president would not only be blasphemous, but a complete slap in the face of the male chauvinistic mentality this state embodies. But at the same time, one would think that Texas Democrats would be more willing to vote for Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., than they would Barack Obama, D-Ill., – especially since Texas is a Southern state.

Certainly by now we have all seen the Facebook group, "If Hillary Becomes President Texas Will Secede (Official Petition)." And you have probably noticed the group is not solely composed of men. In fact, the group seems to have just as many women as it does men, which seems shocking. However, at the same time it doesn’t because we are in Texas.

There are parts of the South that are still not ethnic friendly. To this day, there are homes in Santa Fe, N.M., that fly the Confederate flag proudly on the front porch or on a flagpole.

To win Texas would be a great victory for either candidate because it could make or break the election. However, at the same time there is still the question as to why nearly 32,000 people on Facebook would want Texas to secede from the Union.

Even though Texas could possibly be its own country within a country, it would not be in the best interest for Texas’ economy and citizens to secede.

Compared to the one reason for secession, there are many reasons why Texas shouldn’t even think twice about it. Did any of the group members or even the creator think about the federal funding the state and its schools receive for education? What about the Federal Bank located in Dallas? That isn’t public money and Texas doesn’t have a real claim to any of its assets.

The reasoning for secession would have to be logical and adequately supported. 32,000 people are a very small fraction of the approximately 20.8 million people who live, work and travel to and from Texas. Would it really be a huge catastrophe if Clinton was elected president? It’s not like she wasn’t running the country during her husband’s two-term stint as president. Eight years is enough time to gain knowledge and develop key relationships.

It is one thing to be opposed to her being president because everyone has his or her reasons as to why she wouldn’t be a good president. But there are also reasons why people would not consider Obama a good presidential candidate, such as his political and military inexperience.

Politicians are not always going to be liked nor will everyone agree with their platforms. Candidates should not be voted for based on gender, race, religion, occupation or education. We should vote for them because we believe they have a greater purpose than their own.

We should vote for them because we believe that he or she would be the best candidate for the position and has the best interest of the citizens at heart. To threaten secession seems uneducated and crass. As a state, we should at least hear Clinton out completely before making such a huge decision, especially if that decision affects millions of people.
Latimer, a post-baccalaureate English student, can be reached via [email protected]

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