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Saturday, September 30, 2023


Essential: Perk up with ‘Blue on Blue’

Sometimes you find an album that is familiar yet truly original, and Leigh Nash definitely pulled that off with Blue on Blue, released by One Son Records in August 2006.

The familiar sound of her sweet and angelic voice comes from her former position as the lead singer of Sixpence None the Richer, best known for its song "Kiss Me." The group disbanded in 2004, soon after which Nash began working on Blue on Blue. The pop-rock sound throughout the album is reminiscent of and inspired by her former band, and her amazing voice blends incredibly well with the music.

A piano adds a pleasant feel to a number of the songs, including "Ocean Size Love," which is by far the best of the 11 tracks on the album. While most of the tracks talk about love, and this one is no exception, it seems more profound in its lyrics: "And it might seem much too far to get back to where you are / But it’s close enough with an ocean size love".

The song as a whole could mean a number of things, the listener is never certain whom she so passionately sings about, which is an asset for this album because there are few intellectually stimulating lyrics.

The folksy sounds of guitar near the end of the song invoke the peaceful feeling of driving down a country road with the sun beaming through your car window.

This album also contains lighthearted and whimsical songs. "My Idea of Heaven" fits that category well, as it entertains the idea of meeting the perfect person and being in a perfect place with them. It’s something that not everyone experiences, but she sings of it as something within reach.

"This is my idea of heaven, lying here with you / This is my idea of heaven, nothing else I’d rather do".

Though quite a few of Nash’s songs have abstract lyrics, she sprinkles a few interesting images here and there to bring them together, creating something quite poetic.

In "Nervous in the Light of Dawn," she begins the song with, "Dreamed I was in a desert without any luck / Storm gray clouds, hovering above." She talks about wandering alone in a desert, seeing lightning and wishing for guidance and peace. The gentle strum of a guitar sets a calm mood despite the stormy lyrics.

"Angel Tonight" is a very upbeat song describing the feeling of being so in love that you feel that your partner must be perfect. From hand holding to rain on her shoulders and not feeling cold because she’s so in love, it’s as though Nash took a trip to heaven, then came back and put it into song. "You’re my angel tonight / You make everything all right." Apparently she’s met a "keeper" if she’s singing about a man. Several songs on this album have spiritual undertones since Nash considers herself a Christian.

Blue on Blue is a brilliant, thought-provoking album, from the sounds of piano and an acoustic guitar, to the love-filled lyrics and dream-like images presented. Nash’s first solo effort is beautiful, and even better than anything produced by Sixpence None the Richer.

Verdict: Positive and upbeat despite the album title

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