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Sunday, October 1, 2023


SuperColby to the rescue

To most, computer engineering junior Colby Kibbe is only known as Colby Kibbe, student, but to many others, he is "SuperColby."

SuperColby started out as an image Kibbe created with the likeness of himself. He then decided to put the image on a shirt and create a brand, which he promotes through the Web site he created, Kibbe’s name and image have stuck with many people because of the SuperColby T-shirts and ads that he has created.

"It’s an image I created with Adobe Photoshop ‘ Adobe Illustrator from a picture I took when I was 18 years old, when I still had an afro," Kibbe said.

For Kibbe, who works with graphic layout in The Daily Cougar Production Department, fashion seemed like a natural fit for his creative interests, which he has had since he was young.

"I always used to create things such as arts and crafts…so I figured I’d make my own shirt. I always wanted to screen print and create my own product, as well as start a business and become involved in entrepreneurship," Kibbe said.

He’s also submitted his shirts to the Urban Outfitters design department at the corporate office about three weeks ago but is still waiting on a response.

This isn’t the first time Kibbe has created his own wear. He also has a brand called Flyboy, named after a cartoon his father drew when Kibbe was a child.

"It’s a cartoon that my dad created based on me and my friends, so I’m Flyboy," Kibbe said. "I had that on a shirt, but the SuperColby one was actually the one that I personally made as in I screen printed all the shirts myself instead of having someone else do it."

Kibbe said he is inspired by his father, who has encouraged him since he was young. Kibbe calls him his muse.

"My dad, he’s a great guy. He tells me to do whatever you want, do whatever you feel you should in creativity. My dad’s an artist, so I get a lot of that from him. He taught me computers – he got me my start in that. That’s what really got me into drawing and doing graphics."

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