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Saturday, September 23, 2023


Five Minutes of Fame: Junior ready for football season, sheds dreads

Zaneta Loh: Do you ever read The Daily Cougar?

Ell Ash: Every day.

Loh: Did you read Thursday’s paper about the cafeterias and all that?

Ash: No.

Loh: Do you ever eat in the cafeterias?

Ash: Sometimes.

Loh: Do you ever feel like that’s not the cleanest place to eat, or are you all right with it?

Ash: (shrugs) I’m all right with it.

Loh: Would you still eat there if you didn’t get free meal plans living in the dorm?

Ash: Yeah, I’d still eat there, $7 a buffet?

Loh: Seven dollars is a good deal?

Ash: (nods)

Loh: What (football) game are you most looking forward to this year?

Ash: Every last one of them, really. I just want to play. Whatever they got on the schedule.

Loh: You play Southern, you play Air Force, you play East Carolina…

Ash: Oh, you know the whole schedule. That’s cool.

Loh: Why’d you cut off your braids?

Ash: Got tired of ’em. I had dreadlocks. I got tired of ’em.

Loh: How long have you been growing out your dreadlocks?

Ash: About two years.

Loh: And you cut them off?

Ash: Yeah. I was at the house for New Years, and I was like, " I should cut it off for New Years."… and I just started cutting.

Loh: You cut it yourself?

Ash: Yeah. I just started snipping.

Loh: What was the reaction?

Ash: Everybody was surprised. They said my head was too small for my body.

Loh: Was it painful to watch the hair fall?

Ash: No, it’s just hair. It’ll grow back. I’m going to grow it back.

Loh: Like playoff dreadlocks?

Ash: Yeah, I’m going to do it different though. I’m going to have a Mohawk.

Loh: Like him? (points to Mauricio Lazo)

Ash: Yeah.

Loh: You should. But then how would you get your helmet on? Was it hard with dreadlocks?

Ash: No, it wasn’t hard, it used to slide off without the dreads.

Loh: Was (your head) bigger with them? Did you need a different size?

Ash: No, I’ll just put more hair in it.

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