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Monday, October 2, 2023


Actor turned ‘Speed Racer’

Daily Cougar staff writer Jake Hamilton had the opportunity to interview the cast of Warner Bros. Pictures’ ‘Speed Racer.’ The film follows ‘Speed Racer’ (Emile Hirsch), who loves to race his Mach 5 car designed by his father, Pops Racer. This is Hamilton’s interview with Hirsch.

Jake Hamilton: How cool is this movie? You’ve just got to be so proud to be a part of something like this.

Emile Hirsch: The Wachowski Brothers have done it again. The movie is so insane, so psychedelic, so hallucinogenic – and it’s a family film. (Often) when people hear the term "family film," they think, "Oh, well this is a kid’s movie." But it’s a lot more than just a kid’s movie.

Hamilton: What kind of imagination do you have to have? Not just an audience, but for the actors with the green screen and pretending you’re a different character in a different environment.

Hirsch: It was kind of maddening at some times. You’re just sitting there sometimes, kind of looking around and going (whistles). And then … you just start to imagine stuff on the big screen and pretty soon you’re in a straight jacket locked up in a mental institution (laughs).

Hamilton: How do you keep faith in the Wachowski brothers?

Hirsch: Just pop The Matrix in there. That’ll get it done.

Hamilton: What kind of research did you do?

Hirsch: Well, research-wise, I went over to Universal city walk, went through the NASCAR simulator a lot, beating tourists. Tourists are pretty easy (laughs). Then I went down to the Texas Motor Speedway. I got hooked up with a pro driver, Jimmy Johnson, and he took me backstage, into the pit, he was showing me around, he let me hang out with him, he was awesome. We saw some really kick butt races.

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