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Sunday, October 1, 2023


Graduate student eyes Hollywood

Sarah Krusleski: So what brings to you to UH?

Vinayak Sama: Actually, the computer science department is pretty good. The course curriculum is really good and I have a few friends here.

Krusleski: So where are you from?†

Sama: I’m from India.†

Krusleski: Cool. Are you an exchange student?†

Sama: No.

Krusleski: Where were you raised?†

Sama: In India.†

Krusleski: That’s pretty awesome.

Krusleski: What are you planning on doing with a computer science major?†

Sama: Computer science. Obviously, I just want to get to a good job.†

Krusleski: That’s good. So you chose a practical major.††

Sama: It’s quite interesting, computers.†

Krusleski: Do you spend lots of time on computers?†

Sama: Most of the time.†

Krusleski: So what happened today?†

Sama: Actually, I have a presentation tomorrow, so I’ve been preparing for it.†

Krusleski: What’s it about?†

Sama: It’s about management information systems. That’s a business course, so I have to work hard for that.†

Krusleski: Why are you taking a business course?†

Sama: Maybe to get some side of business experience, but I am getting a new experience of studying with international students. Most of the people in the computer science department are from India, so I haven’t had so much exposure to international students, but in the business school the people are from other countries.†

Krusleski: Have you met anyone cool in your course?†

Sama: Actually, my teammate, she’s from America. She’s cool.†

Krusleski: Aw, there’s a little glow in your eye. Have you met anyone else?†

Sama: No. That’s the only class. Mostly my classmates are Indian in the computer science department.†

Krusleski: Do you do anything outside of school?†

Sama: After school? We usually go to movies, parks, that kind of stuff.†

Krusleski: What kind of movies have you seen lately?†

Sama: Lately, I’ve seen The Chronicles of Narnia.†

Krusleski: That’s like a year late – wait, no, the new one. What do you think of it?†

Sama: It was good. The graphics were good.†

Krusleski: Are you interested in doing graphics?†

Sama: Yeah. I am. … Making graphics is one those big jobs in Hollywood, so maybe that’s a good option.

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