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Friday, September 29, 2023


Five minutes of fame: Marketing junior frightened by portrait of smoking man

Sarah Krusleski: What is the origin of this painting here (on the first floor of the library)?

Keeli Robinson: I don’t know. I read the little caption when I sat down. I’m sure it was a local artist from the Ship Channel or something like that.

Krusleski: How do you feel about sitting next to old people like this?

Robinson: I don’t feel weird sitting next to old people. I feel weird sitting next to him.

Krusleski: So you’re trying not to look at him?

Robinson: Yeah, he kind of freaks me out.

Krusleski: He kind of stares at people. I don’t like him. He also smokes, which isn’t cool, either.

Robinson: Yeah.

Krusleski: What do you think of his socks?

Robinson: Um, they’re brown? Like his shoes. Like his lungs.

Krusleski: Where do you get your toes done?

Robinson: This place near my house. I don’t even know what it’s called. Something like "Tropical." I don’t know. "Tropical Little Health Spa," but it’s not even tropical. It’s orange on the outside though, so I guess that’s where they get the name. Oh, it’s Tropicana. How could I forget?

Mauricio Lazo: You live on the north part of town?

Robinson: Yeah, I live on the northwest side … off 249 and 1960.

Lazo: I live off 45 and 1960.

Krusleski: I live off Walter’s Road.

Robinson: Like Walter’s and…

Krusleski: I don’t really remember the name and I don’t want the name in the paper, but yeah, I live there.

Robinson: I hate the commute. I’m hoping to live closer, but I’ve had issues, so traffic’s a nightmare, especially when you’ve been here all day long and then I’m sitting in traffic.

Krusleski: Have you ever thought of riding the bus?

Robinson: No. I’m sure it wouldn’t be bad, but… Maybe if gas was too outrageous. Hopefully I’ll live out closer to the school sooner or later.

Krusleski: You said that you’ve been going to school here for a year; are you 19 or?

Robinson: I’m actually 24. I’m the spring chicken. I look young, so whatever.

Krusleski: Any words of wisdom for summer commuters?

Robinson: Stay out of the heat. Park in the shade if you can.

Krusleski: Is there any shaded places at UH?

Robinson: The garage. I just go to the garage.

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