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Sunday, October 1, 2023


Five minutes of fame: Vocalist dreams of Pavarotti, charity

Mike Damante: Music performance, what does that detail exactly?

Megan Wilhelm: I’m a vocalist. I have an opera audition tomorrow. So I will be getting prepared to audition for professional operas.

Damante: Who do you look up to in opera?

Wilhelm: Pavarotti.

Damante: Besides opera, what other types of music do you like?

Wilhelm: Christian.

Damante: Katy Perry used to sing Christian music. Have you heard of Katy Perry?

Wilhelm: No.

Damante: Katy Perry sings the "I Kissed A Girl" song.

Wilhelm: Oh, really?

Damante: Her parents I think are ministers and are very against that song. She sang Christian music as a teenager. Her parents aren’t happy.

Wilhelm: I wouldn’t be happy either.

Damante: What if she was your daughter and it made her millions of dollars?

Wilhelm: I still wouldn’t be happy. The stuff she is doing now is completely immoral.

Damante: Being a freshmen, where did you come from before UH?

Wilhelm: Amarillo.

Damante: How do you like Houston?

Wilhelm: It is pretty hot and humid, but I’m getting used to it.

Damante: What is there to do in Amarillo for fun?

Wilhelm: Not much. Normal stuff I guess, like watch movies.

Damante: Do you think you will watch any of the UH sports teams?

Wilhelm: I think I’ll go to the football games, yeah.

Damante: Have you read The Daily Cougar yet?

Wilhelm: I picked it up today and read a little on the front page.

Damante: Well, you will read now since you are going to be in it. If you could have lunch with anyone famous who would it be?

Wilhelm: Probably Pavarotti. He is the most amazing opera singer ever in my opinion.

Damante: If you were president of UH what would you change?

Wilhelm: The computer system. That is what I’d do first.

Damante: What if you were the president of the country? What would you change?

Wilhelm: Um. I’d probably outlaw abortion.

Damante: If you won a million dollars what would you do with it?

Wilhelm: I’d try to help people in America who are in poverty. Give them some money to help them out, but you always think of the poor people in Africa and helping them out.

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