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Friday, September 29, 2023


Five minutes of fame: Programmer finds some time to unwind

Chris Webb: So, you’re a management information systems major. How do you like that?

Stella Katshungu: It’s pretty hard, but it’s OK. I like it.

Webb: That’s in the business school, right?

Katshungu: Technology school.

Webb: What do you like about it?

Katshungu: I like that you get to work with computers. There’s also a lot of programming.

Webb: You like programming?

Katshungu: Yeah, kind of. But not like Internet programming, like low-level kind of programming.

Webb: Oh, like Basic?

Katshungu: Yeah.

Webb: They still use Basic?

Katshungu: It’s not that Basic, it’s just that the level of programming is different from the engineering major.

Webb: How many years have you been here at UH?

Katshungu: Here at UH, just one year.

Webb: So, you transferred from somewhere?

Katshungu: Yeah, I transferred from HCC.

Webb: How was the adjustment? Was it difficult or fairly easy?

Katshungu: Actually, it’s still difficult.

Webb: Still difficult after a year?

Katshungu: Yeah, because I don’t have a lot of friends here.

Webb: You don’t have a lot of friends? Why not? Have you joined any organizations?

Katshungu: Um, not yet.

Webb: You should. Actually you need to be out there at the Cat’s Back at the University Center.

Katshungu: I didn’t know they had something like that.

Webb: Yeah, it’s going on right now. You should go check it out. They have a lot of organizations out there recruiting people and just talking to people.

Katshungu: I didn’t know that, actually. I’ve got a class at like seven today, so I’m just…

Webb: Well, you’ve got time.

Katshungu: Well, I’m just trying to relax.

Webb: OK. So, where are you from originally?

Katshungu: I’m from the Congo.

Webb: The Congo. Wow, that’s cool. When did you come to the United States?

Katshungu: 2003, so that was like five years ago.

Webb: You like Houston?

Katshungu: Yeah, I like Houston better. But when I came to the United States, I was in Kansas first. And, yeah, I really like Houston better.

Webb: What made you want to move from the Congo to here?

Katshungu: School. An education.

Webb: Well, thank you and good luck.

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