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Friday, September 29, 2023


Five Minutes of Fame: Grad student eases into Texas life

Austin Miller: What made you want to come to UH?

Allie Gallaugher: I had to do my grad program in the state somewhere, so I applied to several schools in Texas and UH was the most attractive.

Miller: So where are you from?

Gallaugher: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Miller: Canada! Wow! So what is your first impression of UH?

Gallaugher: It’s big and it’s hot and it’s really nice; it’s a really beautiful campus, I really like it.

Miller: Is this your first time being in the states?

Gallaugher: No. I’ve been in the states before, but this is the first time I’ve lived here.

Miller: So there is a quite a political race going on, do you follow politics?

Gallaugher: From the news that we get in Canada it seems like Barack Obama is going to win. Although living here, I’ve heard a lot of people saying John McCain is the better candidate.

Miller: So how do you feel about the two candidates?

Gallaugher: I’m not really caught up on it at all.

Miller: If you were elected as president of the United States, what is one thing you would change?

Gallaugher: Free health care.

Miller: Well that sounds like you’re an Obama fan.

Gallaugher: Does it? That’s just what we (Canada) have. If I do live here after I graduate, that’s one thing I wouldn’t really like, that it’s not free.

Miller: What’s your favorite band?

Gallaugher: Rascal Flatts

Miller: Have you seen them in concert?

Gallaugher: Yeah, I’ve seen them three times!

Miller: Are you a sports fan?

Gallaugher: Yeah, I’m a big football fan.

Miller: Do you follow the NFL?

Gallaugher: Not as much as the CFL.

Miller: So I’m assuming you’re a Cougar fan. Did you see the football game the other day?

Gallaugher: Yes I did. We tailgated the whole day, starting at noon.

Miller: OK, so walk me through your tailgating experience.

Gallaugher: We got there at one and then we just drank, played games and barbequed. It was so hot, though.

Miller: What do you like to do in your free time?

Gallaugher: I’m not used to having free time, as I was always working. But now since I can’t work, I like being outside, watching TV, and going to watch any kind of sports game.

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