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Tuesday, September 26, 2023


McCain promises more of the same

Sen. John McCain and his girl Gov. Sarah Palin cannot and will not end this war. They will instead instigate yet another to continue the ongoing game of keeping up with the Bushes.

Throughout his acceptance speech, a sense of terseness and revenge could be heard in the undertones of his voice. How can someone who looks like the average grandpa deliver a five-minute speech containing the word "fight" approximately 26 times? The answer is, someone who is still fighting the same war in his mind from many years ago. He believes that, because he fought, and his family fought, all U.S. citizens should have the same gung-ho attitude about going to war. The truth is, most people support, honor and respect the fact that our servicemen and women are working hard to protect our country, but few can be supportive of a current war that has no basis. The fact that McCain views Iran and now Russia as real threats to the U.S. is simply a rephrasing of what President George W. Bush ranted about in 2001. McCain is as equally hungry for war as Bush. We don’t need that.

Now that tempers are flaring, it must be noted that McCain made some very good points in his speech, as did Palin. Cindy McCain had some odd statements. Most of society is told, regardless of religious background, that God keeps his hand on our shoulder to guide us. Not Cindy McCain – she believes it is Abraham Lincoln’s hand! She also asked the question, what would our forefathers think of us and what will our children say about us? She answers her own question by saying that it is a big challenge, and we need to know that the security and prosperity of our nation is about more than just politics. What? Isn’t politics what this is all about?

John McCain and his wife leaned toward pity and the less fortunate to pull at the heartstrings of their audience in their speeches. No lies here; it worked. Emotions were stirred and eyes got watery, but the simple things always do that. In his speech, he referred to himself as a maverick. Did anyone else find that funny?

When trying to bash Sen. Barack Obama, he inadvertently included himself and the Republican Party in general.

"We lost their trust when, instead of freeing ourselves from a dangerous dependence on foreign oil, both parties and Sen. Barack Obama passed another corporate welfare bill for oil companies, McCain said."

Why was it necessary for him to include Obama when he just admitted that both parties passed the bill? He is admittedly pro-nuclear power, but why does he not want to allow other countries to continue developing nuclear power as a source of energy? We intend on using it for the same reason. Why should the U.S. be one of the only countries allowed to produce it when we are just as capable of using it for ill as any other country?

Palin’s admittance of her daughter’s pregnancy at such a young age raises the question: is it our concern? She preaches abstinence in Alaska, and seeing how her own daughter is a prime example of its failure, how could Palin be a positive influence on our already hormone ridden-nation? Her family’s issues are none of our concern. Every family in the world has problems. Deal with it. Palin delivered a decent speech, and she seems capable of handling the job if elected.

In all, the speeches given at the Republican National Convention were worthy of hearing. Even if you are a die-hard Democrat, they were good. The coming debates between Obama and McCain should make for a more exciting evening than the conventions of either party, but that remains to be seen.

MousaviDin, a communication junior, can be reached via [email protected]

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