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Tuesday, September 26, 2023


Hassles should be taken in stride

It’s hot or cold, class has just let out and you head toward your car. Most of us consider this a daily ritual, right? Now, enter the drove of vehicular hawks, swarming their prey, squawking as they near. Imagine the scene if viewed from above – cars dodging people or tracking them down, following them in hope of a closer parking space, and those that are leaving are dodging construction materials, fallen tree pieces or fellow students. Anyone watching from above would think our campus parking lots are live action versions of a cross between Frogger and Pac-Man.

Being followed to your car is a good thing when you’ve requested to be escorted to your vehicle, but having total strangers slowly approach as you are going about your way can make you feel like a 7-year-old again, instilling fear and often making you feel downright paranoid. Don’t get me wrong. Your patience is appreciated, but remember, keep your distance and don’t be afraid to yell out your need for a parking space. Translation: Thanks for not plowing me over while stalking me and rushing me out of my space.

Most people eagerly spend more time meandering around the rows of cars trying to get close. If it were timed, though, they could have already been in their classroom if they had just parked back farther away.

Another alternative to consider is instead of trolling for a decent space to park, go the extra mile and park farther back in the lot. This accomplishes three main things: getting a great spot that usually provides a little shade, getting a little exercise and the distinct satisfaction of being able to tell a parking lot hawk, "Sure, I’m in the back." They will follow you all the way only to get annoyed when they could easily done that and saved 20 minutes of drive time. It may sound crazy, but we could all benefit from a brisk walk everyday.

Regardless of which semester it is or how far into it we are, parking lot hawks are circling the territory, forever searching for the coveted "closer spot." Hassles are year-round, as well. With workers now cleaning up Hurricane Ike’s mess, our parking lots are either full of cars, debris or construction – take your pick. While all are necessary, all are a pain. Traffic all around campus is a nightmare most of the day, but with signal lights out or flashing around UH and Houston, we must all remember to add a significant amount of time to our usual plans.

Complain as we may, it wouldn’t be UH or Houston without any of these things. Hot weather, bad weather, frustrations and traffic – check to all of the above. They are perennial occurrences. The only thing any of us can really do, short of sprouting wings and flying, is to deal with it. Slow down and think one step ahead of the next person, hawk or hassle.

MousaviDin, a communication junior, can be reached via [email protected]

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