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Thursday, September 21, 2023


Five Minutes of Fame: Engineering sophomore in it for money

Tom Rundle: So you are an industrial engineering major, is that what you are working on right now?

Nick Caballero: No I am working on U.S. History 1378.

Rundle: Do you feel like you’re keeping up with classes?

Caballero: Yeah, something like that.

Rundle: So what’s your favorite class?

Caballero: PoliSci.

Rundle: Do you have any interesting stories to tell from the weekend?

Caballero: Uh… not anything quite appropriate.

Rundle: What are some of your favorite places in Houston?

Caballero: I don’t know. My house.

Rundle: Your house?

Caballero: Football games are cool. Baseball games are cool.

Rundle: Do you see a lot of UH games?

Caballero: I’ve gone to three.

Rundle: What do you think of the Cougars’ performance so far?

Caballero: We beat ECU. That’s pretty cool.

Rundle: Were you up there, or did you watch the game on cable?

Caballero: No. I just read about it.

Rundle: Have you been following the Texans?

Caballero: Yes. They suck.

Rundle: What do you think they need to do?

Caballero: Win a game. They need to get it together. It wasn’t too bad this last weekend but I don’t know, I just haven’t been impressed.

Rundle: How many hours are you taking?

Caballero: Seventeen hours.

Rundle: Is today a pretty relaxing day or is it a stressful day?

Caballero: I’ve got four tests this week – pretty much sucks. I have a test in history, polisci, chemistry and calculus.

Rundle: You been taking any courses toward your major yet?

Caballero: Yeah. I’m taking Calculus II and Chemistry for Engineers. I’m trying to get all of the basics out of the way, you know?

Rundle: So you really like science and math?

Caballero: Yeah, and I also like the fact that I’ll be making a good amount of money as an engineer. That’s a plus.

Rundle: That is a plus. What do you see yourself exactly doing?

Caballero: With industrial engineering I can do a lot of things. Whatever gets offered. I wouldn’t mind being a project manager eventually because then I’ll be making a lot of money.

Rundle: What do you think you can bring to the field?

Caballero: A brain. I’m not trying to bring anything to the field. I’m trying to get the field to bring me money.

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