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Tuesday, October 3, 2023


FIVE MINUTES OF FAME: Sophomore digs squirrels, cool weather

Keith Cordero: So, Peter, have you been following Major League Baseball lately?

Peter Tran: No, not at all.

Cordero: You haven’t been following the Tampa Bay Rays or their amazing run at the World Series?

Tran: I didn’t know that Tampa Bay had a team called the Rays.

Cordero: Are you involved in any campus activities?

Tran: I try to be. I’m in the choir, if that helps at all. I’m in a couple of pre-health clubs.

Cordero: Do you go to any UH football games?

Tran: I do. I went to the UH vs. UAB game. It was pretty cool.

Cordero: Do you like attending this great University?

Tran: I do. I like UH a lot, as opposed to, like, UT or something. I’m still at home with my parents, so it kind of saves a lot of money.

Cordero: What is the hardest class you’re taking right now?

Tran: Physics lab. It’s like you sit there and you think for three hours. It’s terrible.

Cordero: Who are you voting for for president?

Tran: (Sen. Barack) Obama.

Cordero: Is there one specific reason?

Tran: I want a black president.

Cordero: What is your favorite television show?

Tran: I don’t watch that much TV, but if I did have one it’d be Scrubs.

Cordero: So what’s your favorite NFL football team?

Tran: I’d have to say the Houston Texans, cause it’s my hometown, so I have to support my team.

Cordero: Have you ever been to Hawaii?

Tran: I have. We went to Maui for my aunt’s wedding, and it was really awesome.

Cordero: That’s awesome. I was born and raised there, lived there for 14 years.

Cordero: Have you been to another country?

Tran: Canada, if that counts.

Cordero: What do you think of the cool weather as of late?

Tran: I believe that the cool weather is fantastic. It brings a new feeling to being on campus. When you first get to school in August it’s like, "Man, it’s hot." It’s just like, ugh. But now it’s nice. You just want to be outside. I kind of want to study outside all the time now.

Cordero: Do you ever play with the squirrels on campus?

Tran: My first semester on campus I did. I fed him some Hot Cheetos. He dug it, man. And I tried getting him into the bagel thing, but he wasn’t into it.

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