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Wednesday, October 4, 2023



Insight, not dogma

To the editor:

I totally respect Omar Bonilla’s view and the use of sarcasm in his article "Obama a Harbinger of Socialism." That said, maybe he should have considered a different point of view and not just the dogmatic vision of the "Palinators" and Rush Limbaugh.

He claims that Hollywood loves Obama. It would sound more believable if the Republican Party hadn’t already shot that bullet and missed.

With taxes, according to Bonilla, Obama only wants to tax the rich. What on this earth is wrong with people making more money paying more taxes? To me that makes absolute sense.

On to his claim that businessmen make better administrators than "bureaucrats." While I’ll admit that many who’ve attended business school do take a management class or two, it doesn’t automatically make them better at leading and overseeing an administration.

Onward and upward to the point made about Obama’s energy policy. I’ve got news for everyone; we already get oil from there!

The Al Qaida terror network would like nothing more than the continued occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan so they and claim more sons and daughters of the U.S. and cause us to continue spending billions of dollars per month on military action.

Finally, the most outrageous remark I take offense with occurs ever so quietly in the first line. He refers to the Democratic nominee for President of the United States of America as Barack Hussein Obama. This kind of extremist fear-mongering is the exact reason I am totally disgusted with the Republican Party.

In the end, he’s right. It’s not about the issues. It is about fundamentals. But to say Obama’s fundamentals are that of a socialist is like saying the fundamentals of President Bush (whom I actually voted for) are that of a member of Mensa. It just doesn’t stack up.

Brandon Burkman

UH alumnus

Obama hit piece not reflective of quality work

To the editor:

As a former opinion columnist for the Daily Cougar, I appreciate opinions about any issue from all sides of the political spectrum, whether I agree with them or not. As of late, however, I have had the impression that opinion articles by Cougar staff writers are confused with letters to the editor. Omar Bonilla’s "Obama a Harbinger of Socialism" (Opinion, Friday) is only the latest example of a writing style and argumentation unfit to print as opinion articles in a newspaper.

It is hard to follow the author’s train of thought; instead of leading toward a goal, he simply lists one idea after another. It doesn’t help that most of his ideas are supposed to be sarcastic, which makes it even more confusing. All in all, this article doesn’t seem very thought-through. I get the impression the author just took 10 minutes out of his schedule to write down a few things that he dislikes about Sen. Barack Obama. I don’t need to read a paper for that. I can talk to friends or acquaintances who feel that way.

Whatever happened to quality student journalism in The Daily Cougar?

Florian Martin

UH alumnus

Students must give University input over UC

To the editor:

In response to Alana MousaviDin’s column "UC survey gives students a voice" (Opinion, Tuesday), I agree with her that Option A and B looked very similar, for the two plans only require a minimum level of renovation. I was really surprised when I saw the cost of Option A, an estimate of $40 million. Paying $40 million for some paint and plumbing doesn’t make sense to me; if that’s the case I’d stick with what we have now. Option D requires the construction of a new University Center adjacent to the current one, which will cost the most money. Like MousaviDin stated, "The decision needs to be environmentally sound." Option D is not environmentally friendly enough. In the end, I chose Option C.

MousaviDin also asked us to think about how much we are expected to pay each semester and if it is really necessary to demolish our old building. Indeed, it is not fair for us to pay such a high amount when we won’t even be here by the time the project is finished. But if we are able to come up with a great plan and a schedule of increase in payment, I’m willing to support the final decision and help finance the project.

According to the project-planning schedule, we are going to have a student referendum for the project and an increase in UC fees in November. Therefore, it is better for students to participate in the survey now, not only for a chance to win a PlayStation 3 but also to consider the best plan for our future UC and the benefits it will bring to us and the future students at UH.

Cheng-en Lee

Advertising sophomore

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