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Friday, September 22, 2023


Senior stresses importance of voting

Carlos Giambi: With the election around the corner, have you voted or are you planning to vote?

Tomer Mushin: Yes.

Giambi: Do you plan to do early voting?

Mushin: No, most likely I’ll vote on the 4th.

Giambi: Who do you plan to vote for?

Mushin: At the moment, I’m undecided. But I have a feeling in my gut that I’m going to vote for Obama. Or McCain. It depends.

Giambi: Anything about either candidate that you like that could sway your vote in their favor?

Mushin: I think the trickle-down affects of government policies has really affected the country in a negative way. I like Obama’s stance on taxing the wealthy and giving tax-breaks to the less economic-fortunate.

Giambi: How so?

Mushin: I feel that it allows lower-income families an opportunity to save, as well as the chance to pump money into the economy with what they earn, therefore strengthening it.

Giambi: And why tax the wealthy?

Mushin: There’ll be more funds that the government could utilize to better suit the massive amount of people that have suffered throughout the economic crisis.

Giambi: Do you feel that the economy is the most important issue that voters should keep in mind when choosing their candidate?

Mushin: I believe the economy should be on the forefront; granted, the war in Iraq and our troops in Afghanistan is a huge issue as well. But I think the next president should put more emphasis on domestic policies to better suit Americans. I think the current administration has put too much focus on international affairs and tax cuts to big business.

Giambi: Do you think (one’s) vote can make a difference in Texas, since the State tends to lean to the Republican side?

Mushin: Unfortunately I don’t think a vote here will make a significant difference in the national election but I do feel that voting is an essential part of being a citizen. There are people around the world that do not have that freedom and it is extremely important for Americans to go out and vote to exercise that right.

Giambi: So what’s the next step after graduation?

Mushin: Law school.

Giambi: Any idea where?

Mushin: Anywhere that’ll take me (laughs). Seriously, though, UH is my top pick, among 9 or 10 others.

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