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Saturday, September 30, 2023


Staff Editorial: Report card spooked by plagiarism allegations

Halloween: A (maybe)

The spookiest day of the year is finally upon us, and college students across the country are preparing to wreak havoc dressed in intensely thought out costumes.

This Halloween is especially exceptional because it falls on a Friday, leaving no hangover worries for class the next day. That being said, don’t be stupid.

There are enough statistics concerning injury, sexual assault and fatalities that are topped by college-aged students. Most of the incidents likely happened under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol.

This doesn’t mean you can’t have a good time, though – just be responsible.

We all want to see your crazy pictures on or a great new video on YouTube, but just because a girl walks by in a piece of nothing she calls a costume doesn’t mean you have to jump on her like a hungry animal. Or if you see a guy wearing a shirt that says "This is my costume, A$$#@!*," it doesn’t mean he’s talking directly to you.

Simply put – be cool. If everyone uses some simple common sense, we’ll all have a good story to tell and some funny photos to prove it. Let this Halloween be the one we’re talking about for years down the road – in a good way.

Plagiarizing professors: F

If you’re taking a class that requires any type of writing, you are no doubt familiar with the consequences of plagiarism in academia.

One UH English professor states in his syllabus that "penalties for plagiarism range from failure of the assignment to expulsion from the University."Why then are those in positions to enforce these rules being accused of committing the crimes themselves?

On Thursday, The Houston Chronicle reported that Texas Southern University was investigating a member of its faculty for allegedly plagiarizing a grant proposal. This comes just two days after University of Texas System admitted to investigating University of Texas-Pan American president Blandina Cardenas for allegedly plagiarizing part of her dissertation.

While both are still under investigation and cannot be proven yet, it’s scary to think our leaders might not be practicing what they preach.

Should these allegations be true, both should be removed from their positions immediately. It’s what would likely happen to a student, so that would only be fair. If they aren’t, who knows what else they’ll try to get away with?

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