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Friday, September 29, 2023


Staff Editorial: Obama election shows growth in America

Voters went to the polls in droves Tuesday to elect our country’s first black president, an outcome even opponent Sen. John McCain recognized the worth of.

In an eloquent concession speech, McCain said, "America today is a world away from the cruel and prideful bigotry" of the time of slavery and Jim Crow laws.

The numbers alone provide evidence of this statement, and many on both ends of the political spectrum recognize the historical significance.

Unfortunately, others remain trapped in a fog of ignorance and hate, focusing only on the color of Sen. Barack Obama’s skin.

At Baylor University, a rope resembling a noose was found hanging from a tree, the Houston Chronicle reported Wednesday, and campaign signs for Obama were burned in a barbeque pit.

In October, the Chronicle reported that federal authorities uncovered the plan of two white supremacists to kill Obama and 102 other blacks.

We can understand disliking a politician for his or her beliefs and policies, and we can understand not wanting him or her to head the Oval Office. But we cannot understand disliking anyone because of the color of their skin, and we certainly cannot understand wanting to kill them because of it.

This election is a beautiful moment in American history. Whether one wanted Obama to win, the fact that he even had a chance is a testament to how far our country has come. But it’s been a slow, difficult process, and we think it has gone on long enough.

Racism has roots deeper than many of our country’s most prized traditions, but this election has shown that they are beginning to wither.

Unfortunately, the actions of some individuals indicate that somehow, somewhere, they are still getting the nourishment they need to survive.

The belief of some individuals that race is any indication of a person’s worth, intelligence or superiority is a shameful one and the argument is unfounded and unintelligent.

It’s OK to dislike Obama. It is not OK to dislike him because he is black. Those who hung a noose from a tree at a place of higher education should be ashamed.

Thankfully, both McCain and Obama noted the importance of coming together, something this country, while no doubt making monumental strides, has yet to fully accomplish. We may be "a world away" from bigotry, but we can do better than that.

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