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Wednesday, October 4, 2023


Five Minutes of Fame: Thrifty business junior desires Xbox 360 for birthday

Alia Mohamed: If you could tell the entire world one thing about yourself what would you say?

Kris Hoffman: (stares)

Mohamed: OK, what’s your favorite band?

Hoffman: I’m into a bunch of hardcore stuff like Emmure, Acacia Strain and Bury Your Dead, but I’m really into all sorts of music. …

Hoffman: I’m also into dance stuff like Daft Punk. They’re probably one of my favorite bands right now.

Mohamed: Have you been to the new House of Blues?

Hoffman: No, there was a show I wanted to go to there, but I heard it was super expensive.

Mohamed: What show?

Hoffman: I wanted to see DragonForce.

Mohamed: What do you think makes a good venue?

Hoffman: The best venues are small ones like Walter’s (on Washington). I think the most important thing is to have interaction between the audience and the band. A lot of the bigger venues have uptight security and barriers.

Mohamed: So you like the more intimate shows. What is the worst show that you have ever been to and why?

Hoffman: Probably Reel Big Fish at Verizon (Wireless Amphitheater), because the venue sucks (laughs). They played a bunch of their songs I don’t like and told stupid jokes.

Mohamed: How much did that show cost?

Hoffman: I think it was probably like $30, which was way too much.

Mohamed: What are you going to do over Thanksgiving break?

Hoffman: Probably just relax. I’m taking my vacation time from work. I spend Thanksgiving with my family and celebrate my birthday.

Mohamed: Happy early birthday. What’s on your gift list?

Hoffman: An Xbox 360.

Mohamed: Do you have a lot of game consoles?

Hoffman: Yes. I usually try to keep up with gaming systems, and I keep all my retro gaming consoles.

Mohamed: What consoles do you have?

Hoffman: I have a Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Nintendo Gamecube, Playstation, Playstation 2, Playstation 3 and hopefully an Xbox 360.

Mohamed: Which one is your all time favorite?

Hoffman: I’d have to say… well can I pick two, or does it have to be one?

Mohamed: As many as you like.

Hoffman: Either Super Nintendo or Playstation 3.

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