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Monday, October 2, 2023


Five minutes of fame: Grad student secretly afraid of squirrels

Haylee Morrison: So you’re a first-year grad student. How do you stay motivated? Fedora Biney: Just knowing how long other people have been in the program is motivation enough for me to not procrastinate. Morrison: How many hours do you study a week? Biney: Um, about 15-20 hours a week

Morrison: When you are not studying, what do you to reward yourself? Biney: T.V: Food and going out with my friends.

Morrison: What are your plans after grad school? Biney: Good question. The program I’m in now focuses on clinical psychology. I want to work with traumatic brain injury patients and rehabilitation.

Morrison: What are your weekend plans? Biney: I am going to an Ethiopian restaurant with my friend. Then I’m going to Austin. Morrison: Ethiopian food? What is the name of the restaurant? Biney: The Blue Nile. I have never been before so it should be fun. Morrison: Have you ever experienced Ethiopian food before? Biney: Yes I have. In Austin. Morrison: What are you doing in Austin this weekend? Biney: I’m going to visit an old friend. Hit up 6th Street. See my old school, UT. I’ve heard that it’s changing, and I want to see if I recognize it still.

Morrison: What are you doing out here on the bench? Biney: Helping my friend look for squirrels. Morrison: Really? Why? Biney: That’s her dream. To feed a squirrel before she graduates. She has a list of things that she wants to do before she graduates and that’s No. 1 on the list. I discouraged her because they are not so cute up close, speaking from personal experience. Morrison: So, there’s a story there? Biney: I was eating lunch one day, saw a squirrel, threw a piece of food, it came up to me, jumped on the bench and it had to huge teeth. It was just weird and freaky. Out of fear, it came closer to I just walked away. An hour later, I see the same squirrel and it chased me half a block. So you see why I don’t want my friend to feed the squirrels… Morrison: Because they follow you.

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