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Monday, September 25, 2023


FIVE MINUTES OF FAME: Sophomore loathes retail, Deerbrook Mall

Austin Miller: Did you follow the election closely?

Eoghan Dalton: I did at one point. I was actually a delegate for the Democratic Party, for Barack Obama, but over time I sort of got a little bit disillusioned with it, so I stopped paying attention.

Miller: What do you think of Obama’s appointments for his cabinet?

Dalton: I think it’s interesting that he’s getting former Clinton advisors. And I also think that if he follows through with what he said earlier, with getting a more moderate cabinet, I think that would be great, and I really hope that Hillary Clinton gets appointed Secretary of State.

Miller: Where are you from?

Dalton: I’m from a lot of places. My dad is from Ireland, my mom is from Louisiana, and I’m from Nashville, Wichita and Kingwood, Texas.

Miller: So did you grow up here?

Dalton: I spent one year in Nashville, six years in Wichita and 10 or 11 years in Kingwood.

Miller: What made you decide to major in architecture?

Dalton: Ever since I was little I thought I wanted to do it, and it really calls to me to eventually go into planning. I hope I can do that. It’s just something I’ve always wanted to do. I can’t remember a time where I really didn’t think I wanted to do it.

Miller: I know architecture majors are very intense, what do you do in your very limited free time?

Dalton: I have a job, so I work about 20 hours a week?

Miller: Where do you work?

Dalton: The Gap in Deerbrook Mall.

Miller: Retail, that’s a good gig.

Dalton: (Laughs) Yeah, especially at The Gap in Deerbrook Mall. Deerbrook Mall is like one of the outer rims of Hell.

Miller: (Laughs) Other than work, do you have any other specific hobbies?

Dalton: I run sometimes. I used to run cross-country. Other than that, I watch TV sometimes. I maybe watch, like, an hour or two of TV.

Miller: What’s your favorite station?

Dalton: The BBC.

Miller: Are you a big music fan?

Dalton: Actually, yeah. I like a lot of music.

Miller: What’s your favorite band or artist?

Dalton: That’s hard to say. I’ve got a couple. I like Sufjan Stevens a lot, and I like Radiohead and Coldplay.

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