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Saturday, February 27, 2021

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Freshman changes drinking strategy

Steven Oster: So what do you like to do?
Edgar Patino: I like music, going to shows, I like drinking.
Oster: Where do you drink? Do you go to bars?
Patino: No, just friends’ houses.

Oster: What do you like to drink?
Patino: Uh, King Cobra.
Oster: King Cobra? 40s? (laughs)
Patino: Actually, I got alcohol poisoning last weekend. We couldn’t get any beer, so we had to drink liquor, but I drank too much and woke up in the hospital.
Oster: So what happened, your friends found you passed out?
Patino: My friends found me passed out, so they had to carry me to the couch. And then my sister came, she was my ride because she knew I was going to be drinking. You know,
designated driver. So they tried to pick me up and I stopped breathing. (chuckles)
Oster: You stopped breathing?
Patino: Yeah. So they had to call the ambulance.
Oster: They gave you CPR or something?
Patino: I guess so. My chest hurt a lot when I woke up. I woke up with a catheter.
Oster: Aw man.
Patino: Yeah. I had .418 (blood alcohol concentration).
Oster: (laughs) .418, that’s out there. Were you doing shots, or chugging from the bottle, or what?
Patino: My friend didn’t have any shot glasses, so we had to use cups. So I drank about three big cups full of tequila.
Oster: That’s crazy. Does the alcohol affect school?
Patino: Well, it did my first semester, ’cause you end up drinking all day and not studying.
Oster: So this semester, do you have a different strategy?
Patino: Uh, don’t drink during the week.
Oster:’ Save it for the weekend, huh?

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