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Saturday, February 27, 2021

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International student types in two languages

Sylvia Saumell; Where are you from?
Hong Liang: I’m from China.
Saumell: What made you choose to go to UH?
Liang: I think UH is a good place to further my studies.’ Another reason is that my boyfriend studies in Houston.
Saumell: There’s no reason to be embarrassed. What’s your boyfriend’s name?
Liang:’ Bei.
Saumell: How long have you two been together?
Liang: Two years.
Saumell: Valentine’s Day is around the corner. Any plans?
Liang: We’ve never spent a Valentine’s Day together because for the last two years I was in China and he was here.’ We’ll probably go out to dinner and the movies.
Saumell:’ What do you want for Valentine’s Day?
Liang:’ Maybe some chocolate.’ I don’t like flowers.
Saumell: Me neither. What movie do you want to see?’
Liang: I don’t know what movies are out.’ Maybe I will check out what’s out online.

Sarah Krusleski: How do you type’ Chinese with an English keyboard? I get that American keyboards have a key for each letter, but do Chinese keyboards just have lots of keys?
Liang: I download a program. (Liang accesses the Baidu website on her laptop.)
Krusleski: What’s Baidu?
Liang: It’s like Google.
Saumell: So you use that to look up Chinese websites?
Liang: Yes. (Types Chinese words using English letters.) See?
Krusleski: That’s pretty cool.
Saumell: Wow.

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