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Friday, September 29, 2023

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Sassy Web star cooks up fun

Nadia G’s Bitchin’ Kitchen Cookbook looks and reads so much like a magazine, one might forget the purpose of the book is to learn how to cook.

The book tackles important issues its readers might face, and for which each chapter is named. Alone and hungry? The book’s first chapter, ‘The Single Life,’ will explain how to cook and cope with that. Hungover? Chapter 19’s ‘Rehab Recipes’ are worth a shot. Trying to find a way to tell your significant other they need to lose some weight? Chapter 13, ‘Deflate Your Mate,’ suggests a few tasty and low-fat recipes.

Sprinkled throughout the text are sarcastic comments and tidbits of ‘Nadvice,’ offering helpful ingredients, serving and relationship tips. Recipe and chapter introductions aren’t serious at all, but this isn’t a Martha Stewart cookbook, as Nadia so often loves to point out.

Bitchin’ Kitchen also contains lots of pictures – and not just of the food. Half-naked men and images of Nadia herself in various costumes are liberally spread throughout the entire book. Some might find ait distracting, but the purpose of this cookbook is to educate in a very entertaining way and these do the job.

Besides containing humorous chapter titles and crazy pictures, the Bitchin’ Kitchen Cookbook also has a few recipes worth trying. Take for example the Crispy Salmon with Leek Sauce or the Spicy Beef Kebabs with Mint – definitely two things worth learning how to cook. Or how about a Blue Cheese Burger with Caramelized Onions and Truffle Aioli? Wow. And who can refuse brussel sprouts when they’re garlic roasted? Each recipe comes complete with both a grocery and gear list. Directions are simple and to the point, with very little of Nadia G’s sassy quips.

The cookbook also contains a brief introduction to various ingredients, as well as a glossary to understand Nadia’s slang and a complete list of kitchen gear (for the ‘real newbies’).

Based on the hit Web cooking show of the same name, this cookbook is sure to delight all but the most traditional of cooks.

Nadia Giosia
Bitchin’ Kitchen Cookbook
224 pages
Published by Skirt! Books
$19.95, paperback
Verdict: It may look colorful and punk-rock, but this chef knows her stuff.

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