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Friday, September 29, 2023


Sophomore plans events, business

Sarah Krusleski: So you’re ready to make money, huh?
Omar Mirza: I’m ready to make money, but I’d make more if I was a little bit more proactive.
Krusleski: What would you do if you were more proactive?
Mirza: I’d fund my own business, but I don’t have time right now. I’m president of the Pakistani Students Association.
Krusleski: What do you do for that?
Mirza: I’m planning a picnic next Sunday at Bear Creek, a baseball tournament and a blood drive later this month.
Krusleski: What kind of business would you start?
Mirza: Something with event coordinating.
Krusleski: Why?
Mirza: I like planning out events and executing them and finally seeing the fruits of your labor.
Krusleski: What have you planned in the past?
Mirza: Last year, we had a basketball tournament. We also brought a singer from Pakistan for an event.
Krusleski: How’d you do that?
Mirza: We knew someone at this radio program that we’d worked with before and they helped us out. I also had an all-girls’ dance tournament.
Krusleski: Do you have any advice for people who are getting started on event coordinating?
Mirza: You’ve got to get used to dealing with people, planning things out and executing them. Learn how to delegate. Put together a good group of officers – I have a good group of officers – and put them to work.

Mirza: I’m not very photogenic. Don’t take the photo straight on.
Krusleski: Aw. What would you say is a’ good angle?
Mirza: Maybe the side angle.
Krusleski: It shows off your manly chin!

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