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Wednesday, October 4, 2023


College coming together for junior

Holly Prevost: What is your major?
Francisco Mosquera: Accounting.
Prevost: Why accounting?
Mosquera: Originally, I was going to do political science. I plan to go to law school. I did my basics and decided I didn’t want to do that because I might not get into law school.
Prevost: Have you been at UH all three years of college?
Mosquera: Yeah, mostly. I just took a mini semester, though, to try to get ahead.
Prevost: What is your plan after graduation?
Mosquera: I’m in the Professional Program for Accounting (PPA) program that lets me get my master’s in one year. My plan is to apply to law school in the fall and take the LSAT in October.
Prevost: What law schools are you interested in?
Mosquera: University of Texas, UH Law Center or Southern Methodist University in Dallas – my plan, though,is to stay in Houston if I can.
Prevost: Why do you want to go to law school?
Mosquera: I’ve always wanted to be a lawyer. It just makes sense for me.
Prevost: What area of law are you interested in?
Mosquera: Not criminal. I want to work for a national law firm or big regional law firm, preferably in Texas.
Prevost: Why Texas?
Mosquera: The cost of living is cheaper and Texas is my home. This is where I feel comfortable, and all my friends are here. You have to be in a big legal market, and Houston is the fourth largest city you know?
Prevost: Yeah. That makes sense.
Mosquera: When you go to college, you don’t always know what is going to happen, but it’s all fitting in place for me now.

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