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Letters to the Editor – March 24, 2009

Missing student disrespected by media

Mohammed Marfani, 25, was a student here at UH. I say ‘was’ because, if you’ve been keeping up with what little news coverage he got, you know he’s been found dead now, after being missing for almost two weeks. When he didn’t come home a missing persons report was filed, but when he didn’t appear for his court date later on that week, HPD called off the search and instead issued a warrant for his arrest.

Let me be the first to stand up and say that despite any and all allegations against him, Mohammed was an amazing guy. He might have been a little quiet, but when he did talk, he made you double over in laughter. He brought happiness to those of us who knew him, but more importantly, he brought happiness to his family. They were devastated when they realized he was missing, and even more so when they had to bury him.

The news coverage on Mohammed is really upsetting for two reasons. For one, how many of us even knew he was missing? On that same note, how many of us can tell the life story of Susana de Jesus at this point? No disrespect intended to de Jesus or any other person that’s gone missing, but at the end of the day we’re all humans and we all deserve coverage when we need it most.

The second thing that upsets me is the way media is portraying Mohammed. These people only know him based on what they have read on paper. No one should pass judgment on our lives based off of credit card purchases and court dates.

Regardless, Mohammed is gone now. He is not coming back. By saying cruel things about him, you don’t hurt him. You hurt those of us who cared about him. There is no reason for us to make speculations and draw our own conclusions on exactly what happened, when even HPD doesn’t know.

– Tabinda Ghani, social work graduate student

Khator should respond to benched legislation

In a interview with GLOBAL public relations officer, Chris Busby, it was revealed that a piece of legislation that passed unanimously in the senate in March of last year has yet to be reviewed by our president, Dr. Khator.

This legislation was intended to change the wording of the University’s non-discrimination policy to include the category gender-identity and expression.

This wording would protect any student who does not identify with one’s birth gender. After weeks of diligent effort by various campus organizations, including fraternities, religious groups and political action groups, the student body took a strong stance against any type of discrimination on our campus when the SGA passed the previously mentioned legislation, thereby sending it to the administration.

After passing all the required committees and gaining support of the staff council and the faculty senate, the bill has yet to considered by our administration.

Because of the lack of response, the SGA has proposed yet another bill asking the administration to respond to the prior legislation.

By ignoring the previous legislation, it is apparent the administration is not committed to the ideals our University promotes concerning diversity and personal liberty. Students, staff and faculty deserve an answer in response to the legislation they passed.

Any student who strongly supports this view and believes in the importance of the administration taking into account the concerns of the student body should attend the next SGA meeting at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday in the UC Mediterranean room.

Student financial services fails vet

I heard many stories from fellow students about the failure of the Registrar and Records and Student Financial Services to assist them with financial problems and concerns. I didn’t know the magnitude of their frustrations until I experienced the ineptitude of the service after Hurricane Ike.’

I trusted the individuals at the Registrar and Records and Student Financial Services to help me with my withdrawal from campus, especially when they told me they would inform the necessary authorities that I would no longer need G.I. Bill money for the remainder of the fall 2008 semester.

I was told that my G.I. Bill money would stop for the fall semester and I could reapply for it again in the spring when I returned to campus.’

Unfortunately, the necessary authorities were not informed of my withdrawal. Each time I called to ask why I was still receiving G.I. Bill money although I was no longer a student, I was given the runaround story of they ‘had sent an e-mail, but would send another one.’

In the end, I have a huge headache of a problem to sort out this semester because of the ineffectiveness of the Registrar and Records and Student Financial Services at the Welcome Center.

The laissez-faire attitude of Student Financial Services, despite my obvious vocal worry and concerns about not receiving G.I. Bill money, was met with lackadaisical empathy.’

I thought I could trust and believe they would help me, but in the end they were not on my side.’ I forgot there is an organization on campus that will assist military veterans and it is the Veterans’ Services Office.’

If I turned to the Veterans’ Services Office for assistance I doubt I would have received the token ‘we’ve taken care of the problem’ and ‘I’ll send another fax/email’ answers after each of my phone calls.’

For all military veterans, who are attending UH, I want you to know there is a place that will provide support and assistance for you so you will not have to go through the hell I experienced. Veterans’ Services Office at the University Center can be reached at (713) 743-5490.

-Todd Winkel, communication postbaccalaureate student

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