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Thursday, September 28, 2023


Pranks harmless, encourage student body participation

Today marks April first, known in the U.S. as April Fools’ Day. While the exact origins of Aprils’ Fools Day is not known, some attribute the prankster holiday to calendar reform, while others cite cultural or religious festivals where trickery was a predominant theme.

Many will play pranks on their friends and family, but sadly, the University lacks an established prankster tradition.

Making pranks part of student life will give alumni various memories to laugh at and talk about years after graduation.

Other schools have established traditions around pranks, with each generation of students attempting to outdo previous years. This results in increasingly complex and entertaining hi-jinks.

In 2004, Yale students tricked Harvard fans at their annual game into holding up cards which spelled out ‘We suck.’ Though Yale lost the game, few considered it a true loss.

‘We all know who the real winners were,’ the Yale Daily News reported in a Nov. 2005 article marking the anniversary of the prank.

Utilizing April Fool’s Day to start a prank tradition at UH is not a bad idea. Pranks, while not necessary to a successful college career, provide entertainment in the midst of tests and research papers. The challenge presented in being more creative than previous classes could establish a competitive tradition that unites the student body in harmless fun.

Whether simple or complex, pranks can be performed for pure enjoyment or even a chance at a little infamy.

So go out there and have a little fun this April Fools’ Day -within bounds, of course.

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