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Friday, September 29, 2023

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Freshman enjoys thoughtful movies

James Hale: How do you spend your weekends?

Robert Lusignan: I just hang out with friends, go see movies, go out with my girlfriend. I’m in a pretty long relationship with my girlfriend.

Hale: How long have you two been dating?

Lusignan: Six years, so we spend a lot of time together. The majority of my time is with her, but I try to split it up evenly between friends and girlfriend so I don’t get jealousy in there.

Hale: What movies do you like to watch?

Lusignan: I like movies that make me think, not just movies that give my eyes something to look at, you know. Action movies are cool if I’m just in a really non-thinking mood. I like movies like Shawshank Redemption or Equilibrium. I like a lot of Christian Bale and Edward Norton films.’

Hale: Are you living on campus?

Lusignan: I did the first year. I stayed in Moody Towers, and it wasn’t really the dorm experience I didn’t like. I just didn’t like the idea of a completely random roommate. I liked living on campus and being able to be anywhere in five minutes instead of fighting traffic for an hour.

Hale: It takes you an hour to get to school now?

Lusignan: It can. Twenty minutes if there’s no traffic but up to an hour if there is.

Hale: Have you had any good professors so far?

Lusignan: I like my sociology professor just because I guess I like the idea of talking about society and the way it works, and people.

Hale: Are you planning on opening your own business when you graduate?

Lusignan: No, I had a friend who was going for management information systems. It’s sort of computers in the business world, except you’re more on an office-wide scale, like managing an entire software application and making sure everyone can use it correctly.

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