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Saturday, September 23, 2023


You know you’re a Cougar if:

1. The word parking upsets you,
2. You watch gas prices like a stockbroker,
3. You have jaywalked or sprinted before a car or bus to get somewhere,
4. CASA is longer just the Spanish word for house; it’s a nerve-racking examination prison,
5. You get weekly e-mails about bizarre but scary campus crimes,
6. You have class with somebody who lives farther away from campus than you do,
7. You have had the pleasure of befriending a classmate from a different country,
8. You have spent more time driving to and from school in a day than actually being in class,
9. You have seen someone get arrested on campus,
10. You have survived off the coffee and food at the University a Center satellite,
11. You have taken transportation to your personal transportation,
12. You have wandered around lost looking for a building,
13. You have waited more than an hour for financial aid assistance,
14. You have been in the lobby of the M.D. Anderson Library before 5 a.m. studying for an exam,
15. You have carpooled to a football game and been able to talk amongst the crowd or sit down during the game,
16. You know somebody who lives at Cambridge Oaks Apartments,
17. You have been amazed at the Campus Recreation and wellness Center and attempted the rock wall,
18. You have received a parking citation,
19. You have sprinted to your car because it’s dark outside,
20. You have spent a ridiculous amount of time in a line to buy textbooks at the UH Bookstore,
21. You have never voted in an SGA election,
22. You have attempted to take the metro to school, and then sworn to never do it again,
23. You have realized that the people and friends make our school and campus,
24. You have paid more than $100 for a parking permit only to get to campus, then leave frustrated without going to class because there were no available spots,
25. You have seen campus police officers sitting down on a park bench,
26. You have gone back to where your car was parked and realized it’s been towed,
27. You have been instructed by some of the best professors in the country,
28. You’ve worn minimal clothing because of the heat and humidity,
29. You have admired or sat on the grass near the water fountain by the Ezekiel W. Cullen Building,
30. You’ve had a problem the SGA has created a committee for.

Andrew Taylor is an economics junior and may be reached at [email protected].

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