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Tuesday, September 26, 2023

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Hybrid show to promote arts

The Paint the Town Art Auction and LMAO Comedy Show are combining art and comedy into one event in an unlikely partnership of artistic expression.’

Kayla Wiltsey, history junior and comedy chair for Student Publications Board, said the combination served an important organizational purpose.

‘We’re trying to bring art to the comedy crowd, and bring comedy to the art people,’ Wiltsey said.’

Scott Godley, an educational leadership graduate student, is tasked with implementing the art auction. Godley said the art that will be auctioned off is coming primarily from students.

‘We’ve had about 16 submissions so far,’ Godley said. ‘One or two come from alumni, but most come from students. There will be a minimum bid for each painting, usually $20, so bring cash or checks to cover the bids.”

The rationale behind the move is simple.

‘ ‘We’re promoting the arts (and) different forms of art. Performing arts is the comedic side, and the art auction is the visual arts side,’ Godley said.

‘ Both Wiltsey and Godley recognize the LMAO Comedy Show will be a big draw for UH. This year’s show will feature Ronnie Jordan, a prominent college circuit comic, and Owen Smith, a writer for the TV show Everybody Hates Chris.’

Jordan particularly loves performing on the college circuit.

‘The college life inspires me – being broke, catching your roommate doing stuff he shouldn’t. Nobody else really talks about it, but I like to touch on it, the stuff that jogs the memory,’ Jordan said.

Jordan has excelled at stand-up comedy ever since a friend convinced him to write his own jokes and perform at a comedy club in Atlanta, where he promptly forgot everything the moment he was onstage.

‘I was nervous.’ Jordan said. ‘I’d written jokes all week, but I forgot every one. I had to start talking about people in the crowd, but it was OK because they liked it.’

Jordan had nothing but praise for fellow comic Smith.

‘I just did another show with him, and he’s hilarious. I’m trying to get to his level,’ Jordan said.

Smith is a lifelong comedian and traces his earliest roots back to his childhood.

‘I was nine years old, and I saw Eddie Murphy’s Delirious, and I knew that was what I had to do – though not in that outfit,’ Smith said. ‘I worried that that was the comedy outfit – tight, red leather one-pieces.’

Like Jordan, Owen says his humor stems from a unique perspective, a different way of looking at things that gives his routines and observations a pleasant novelty.

‘I mean, I run my own race. I try to talk about stuff that is personal so it doesn’t sound like everybody else’s stuff. The biggest challenge of performing is getting the audience to think like me, because once they do, I’ve got them,’ Smith said.

Smith says the comedy portion of the event alone will be well worth stopping by the show. He feels great about both the acts, and describes Jordan as ‘funny ‘hellip; a force to be reckoned with.’

LMAO Comedy Show and Paint the Town Art Auction will start at 7:30 p.m. in the University Center, Houston Room. The band Shotgun Honeymoon will also perform, with former SGA President Sam Dike emceeing the event.

‘Everybody’s going to want to come out and see it. The show’s going to be unlike anything they’ve ever seen,’ Smith said.

LMAO Comedy Show and Paint the Town Art Auction
Who: Featuring comedians Ronnie Jordan and Owen Smith
Performance by Shotgun Honeymoon
What: Art up for auction by UH students, faculty and staff
When: 7 p.m.’
Where: Houston Room, University Center

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