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Saturday, September 23, 2023


Letter: Daily Cougar comic detrimental to gender equality

Art is not neutral. It doesn’t exist abstractly. Art reflects the artist’s view of the world.’

Controversial art can challenge and inspire, but not because it is controversial for controversy’s sake. It does so because it’s based in truth and it compels its audience to question its beliefs and assumptions.

When we are faced with art that actually contributes to the oppression of whole peoples, we should do more than just pass it off as an expression of free speech.’ We do not live in a world where everyone is equal and free. Just drive a few blocks away from the UH campus and you can see the disparity. ‘

In a world where women are viewed, not as equal participants in society but rather as the role they play in relation to men, and with that, their ability to produce children, how can we allow a comic strip like Man Law to run in The Daily Cougar without calling out this particular contribution to the oppression of women?

Having spoken with the managing editor of The Daily Cougar, it’s apparent that my criticisms were heard.’ However, subsequent comics show that the substance of what I said was misunderstood.

My feelings are not hurt by the comic. As a comic featured in a college paper, Man Law would be rather insignificant if it weren’t so blatant in its oppressive treatment of women.’

In the article ‘From A Declaration: For Women’s Liberation And The Emancipation Of All Humanity’ published in Revolution newspaper, a society is described ‘where creative energies were no longer channeled into ever-descending new ways to demean women and accentuate oppressive social divisions, but instead, without the restrictions of gender or other unequal and oppressive social divisions, people broadly were brought into the process of creating art that uplifts people, challenges them to think critically, and expands their horizons.’

When you see something wrong, you should speak out against it. As someone who believes that the oppression of women is woven tightly within this capitalist system and that nothing less than a revolution will begin to uproot this particular oppression, I am dedicated to standing up and fighting for women’s full emancipation.

Megan Walter, Spanish sophomore

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