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Sunday, October 1, 2023


Flu outbreak in Mexico should not be taken lightly

The news from Mexico City seemed like something out of a Stephen King novel.

One thousand people sick in the capital city, with dozens dead. Eight people in Texas and California sick already, and cases confirmed among schoolchildren in New York City.

We tend to forget how connected we are to our neighbors. Disease is not a drug cartel, an illegal arms shipment or anything we can prevent with legislation and weaponry.’

Influenza is a virus. A well-known preventive measure is the flu shot, which is carried at most medical centers, including the UH Health Center.

‘ In the case of the new H1N1 strain, the inoculation does not show any effect on infection rates.’

The shot is composed of three inactive virus strains and provides protection from most known influenza strains about two weeks after inoculation.’

U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that tests show that the standard flu vaccine’s H1N1 component did not provide immunity to the new swine flu strain.

The World Health Organization, the health and disease arm of the United Nations, is currently tracking HIV, various strains of influenza – including avian flu strain H5N1, which has claimed over 250 lives since 2003 and malaria.

WHO expressed concern about the pandemic potential of Mexico City’s flu outbreak. It is tracking cases as far north as Canada and monitoring developments in suspected cases in New Zealand, Spain, France and Israel.

Given the virulent spread of the disease, it is wise to take at least basic precautions.

Influenza seems almost commonplace here, and it’s sometimes easy to forget that it is a potentially deadly disease.’

Stay away from airports and major gathering places, get lots of sleep, frequently wash your hands and be kind to your immune system.

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