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Thursday, September 28, 2023


Obama impresses during first 100 days in office

President Obama marked the first 100 days of his tenure at the helm of the country on Wednesday. The road has been rocky, both from the legacy of partisanship and economic malfeasance of the last administration as well as various new unfolding crises. Yet, the new president has met the challenge with relative honesty while still trying to maintain most of his objectives.

Former President Franklin Delano Roosevelt first established the 100 days benchmark by passing massive amounts of legislation upon inheriting the problems of the Great Depression. FDR’s first 100 days were crucial to stemming the hemorrhage of the U.S. economy and the dire straits of the populace.’

Obama’s legislative behavior has been compared to FDR’s since his taking office.’ He was hailed as the ‘Green FDR’ by Joseph Romm in Tuesday’s Huffington Post and on Nov. 11, 2008, NBC New York’s Gabe Pressman outlined similarities in situation and personality between the two and questioned whether Obama would continue to mirror FDR past taking office.

‘Is Obama, the man who ran with a promise of change, intending to introduce a series of major changes in his first 100 days?’ Pressman speculated in his November piece. ‘

Obama’s first 100 days have seen frenetic change and massive spending. The stimulus bills, bailouts, healthcare and educational reforms are overwhelming when looked at together.’

The Wall Street Journal published a series of interviews Wednesday with the Chiefs of Staff of the four previous presidents, commemorating Obama’s 100 day mark.They all remarked on Obama’s taking on many different issues at once, and either intimated or were clearly concerned as to the efficacy of so much change at once.’

Change was an Obama campaign watchword, and Pressman’s question has been answered.’ Obama’s audacity has held firm.

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