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Wednesday, October 4, 2023


STAFF EDITORIAL: Public should wait, dismiss Palin rumors

Sarah Palin has announced that she will resign the governor’s office, effective July 26. To some, her resignation comes as a relief. Others are furious.

‘This is who I am,’ Palin told the Associated Press in a video interview. ‘And these are the people whom I love ‘hellip; We’re not going to be able to progress until the distractions cease, these politics of personal destruction.’

It’s true that the public latched on to Sarah Palin. From the day she was nominated as John McCain’s running mate, she hasn’t left the public eye. Great and terrible things have been said of her character, family and politics.

One of Palin’s reasons for resigning, she said, is to focus more on her family. Regardless of what the public thinks of Sarah Palin, at least her motive is a noble one.

Since her announcement six days ago, she has flown at least 2,300 miles and signed two bills. She marched in a Fourth of July parade in Juneau, then went off to Dillingham to fish. Obviously, she has plenty of activities to keep her busy.

One of her stops will be in Texas. Gov. Rick Perry said Wednesday that Palin has committed to campaigning for his reelection. He welcomes the support of the soon-to-be-former Alaska governor and told the press that they were friends before she became a national star.

She may or may not run for president in 2012, but nothing is certain yet. Nothing productive comes from speculation concerning these matters.

Rumors will fly, but eventually Palin will announce what is going on, if there is anything more to reveal than what she has already said. The public will have to be patient and wait and see what happens in the future.

For those who need their daily fix of Palin, she has a Twitter account anyone can subscribe to or visit.

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